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About Lisa

As a young child, Lisa loved looking into a camera, it was a magical experience. By following both her mother and grandmother's love for photography, Lisa has continued the passion of image making in honor of their love for photography. Light Language Studios was established in 1983. With years of experience and a portfolio of work that has been published nationally as well as internationally.

Lisa believes:

“its the quality of the light on any subject that is the essence that draws someone into an image and welcomes them to be apart of a perfect moment.” 

Image making is a art, a passion and a way of life for Lisa. Although social distancing has changed how we now do business it has not changed the experience you will have with someone with a kin eye for detail and quality. To Lisa, the customer is always right, the service is always consistent and the price is always fair. Enjoy our website and contact us for any need you may have to enjoy a magical experience. 

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